Travelling is one of my favorite hobbies and a great opportunity to bring my love for photography, my wanderlust and spending time with family & friends together.
This trip was my 4th time to visit this amazing country in the last 5 years – it was simply amazing and I will never forget it. Which is why I love to share it with you! 🙂

Getting to Australia is quite a long trip but definitely worth it. This time, I flew via Frankfurt and Singapore to Adelaide. I had heard about Singapore having an amazing airport but couldn’t picture it until I was there. This airport offers several built-in parks where you can catch some fresh air without having to check out of the airport. You can also find foot-massage-machines at the gates for free – super-great after a long flight.
After catching up with friends in Adelaide my first “new” destination was Kangaroo Island where I spend some wonderfully relaxed and happy days with a fantastic bridal couple and great friends.
After some days – and Christmas- in and around Adelaide I was off to a great weekend in the lovely wine region McLaren Vale with a fun group of close friends – and some delicious wine tasting 😉
Celebrating New Year’s in shorts next to a barbeque grill  (the Australians call it a “barbie”) on a lovely porch with awesome people is something I could get used to.
Next on my itinerary was a very creative and inspiring DIY wedding in a lovely carnival-themed boho-style of friends of mine. It took place pretty much in the middle of nowhere and I am still amazed how the bridal couple and their parents managed to get everything there – from electricity to toilets to food and drinks. I had such a great time with the whole wedding party.
Next on the list was some Koala-sightseeing, close encounters with Kangaroos in the Cleland Wildlife Park and visiting a cricket game. It was the short version of only 5 hours 😉
A fantastic and classy wedding was what brought me to the famous wine region Barossa Valley before I embarked on an unforgettable road-trip along the breathtaking Great Ocean Road to Melbourne.
I found so many beautiful spots along the way, I will definitely have to come back one day and can totally recommend this trip. The 12 Apostles are just one perfect stop along the Great Ocean Road.
To finish off a perfect trip I spent three fun and relaxed days in Melbourne (where the Australian Open just took place, which I didn’t know beforehand ;)), checked out some cool roof-top bars and food truck open air spots with locals.
I would love to come back some day!
Let me know if I can help you out with some advise about where to stay, what to do and when to get up for the perfect photo opportunity in the morning 😉

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